Why Local Businesses Should Join the HBBA or DHBA

I constantly get this question in one version or another when I ask businesses to join either the DHBA or the HBBA.

“What can the DHBA or the HBBA do for me?”

By the way, to join, the DHBA charges $25 and the HBBA charges $75 to $100.

Here’s my answer:

You placed a bet on Hollywood by locating your business here. Right?


Don’t wait for problems or miss opportunities. Organize ahead of time. Belong to an organization that represents YOUR BUSINESS INTERESTS.

Word has it the city Attorney says the city can no longer fund marketing. Let’s assume the Attorney is right. Don’t you want to do something about this? Like organize and maybe, just maybe, pay for it ourselves, have control and God forbid, make good money doing it?

Or instead, let’s fight the city and try to force them to do something: A – they don’t want to do; and B – they’re not even good at doing it! It’s not their fault. They’re a government organization, not a business organization!

That’s why you should join the DHBA or the HBBA, or both. They can protect and represent your business interests. And simply bring you more business!

Here’s the link to the HBBA sign up: https://hbbafla.com/join-hbba/new-membership/.

The DHBA doesn’t have a sign up link, right now, I’m working on it, but reply to this email and I’ll get you what you need to sign up.

The DHBA is having a general membership meeting WEDNESDAY, October 19th, at MICKEY BYRNES in downtown Hollywood from 9AM to 11AM.

The HBBA is having a general membership meeting THURSDAY, October 20th, at the HOLLYWOOD BEACH MARRIOTT, from 2PM to 4PM. Mayor Josh Levy will be there to answer questions; a candidate for House District 101, Hillary Cassel will take questions; and other presentations regarding the beach will be done.

And yes, you can attend or have someone attend for you, one or both of these meetings. And no, you’re not too busy. These are not overnight seminars, they are 2-hour meetings in your own backyard.

It’s not visionary in seeing the value of having an organization represent YOUR BUSINESS INTERESTS!

And real talk, if you are in or move into a neighborhood, don’t you want to know your neighbors?

Mic drop! ?