Get ‘roasted’ at Hollywood’s underground “Koffee” shop

If you ever wondered about all it took to get that delicious cup of coffee, then look no further than Hollywood’s Koffee Kult.

Not only is Koffee Kult an eclectic coffee shop near downtown Hollywood with plenty of free parking, it is also a roasting facility — resembling a brewery.

Koffee Kult mostly sells directly to consumers online, their beans are not in grocery stores and only in a few select coffee shops.

Their marketing manager, JD Duran, is looking to ‘grow’ their local following of individual consumers but also with local businesses who crave the best coffees for their meetings and get-togethers.

So he encourages local businesses to come check out Koffee Kult.

It’s located on Dixie Highway in a building that has the “coffee shop” in the front and the roasting operation in the back. The aromas are devilishly enticing and is a great place to come for your morning coffee or afternoon break.

Consider Koffee Kult for your small business meetings and personal meetings. Parking is easy and if your meeting doesn’t keep everyone’s attention, the coffee sure will!

Stop by and get a cup and a bag of your favorite coffee flavor or try out one or more of their special blends.

Koffee Kult

311 S 21st Ave.

Hollywood, FL 33020

954) 962-2353

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday

8AM to 3PM


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