Hollywood beach’s ‘Grand Lady’ needs help to reach 100

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Hollywood Beach’s ‘Grand Lady’ needs a lot of help if she’s going to reach 100

One of the first things 96-year-old Barbara Hogan did when she got her first paycheck from working at First National Bank of Hollywood in 1946 was go to the Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel.

“They had beautiful shops out there, and I bought a pair of shoes. I thought I was somebody,” she said with a chuckle. Hogan is a native of Hollywood, Florida, who now lives in Tennessee close to her daughter. Still, the memories of what she once called home remain close.

The Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel has seen better days in its nearly 100 years: The behemoth property sprawled along Ocean Drive in Hollywood was once considered the largest economic engine of Broward County and played a pivotal role in World War II, Clive Taylor, president of the Hollywood Historical Society, said.

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