Developers revitalize historic Downtown

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Developers revitalize historic Downtown Hollywood in South Florida

People visiting Hollywood, Florida often bypass the city’s downtown and head right to the award-winning beach and historic Broadwalk. However, a new wave of development activity is attracting both residents and businesses back to the core of the city.

Downtown Hollywood has a growing pipeline of residential mixed-use projects that are energizing what has long been an underutilized area of the city. More than 3,500 new residential units are either under construction or approved in Downtown Hollywood and along the major corridors within walking distance of the downtown core.

“The current volume and quality of both public and private investment in the City of Hollywood is the highest it’s ever been,” says Assistant City Manager Raelin Storey. “As the city approaches its 100th anniversary in 2025, this will ensure the city continues to live up to its original vision of being a vibrant, resilient and welcoming city-by-the sea in Florida.”

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