A Vibrant Village Collective in Downtown Hollywood!

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It Takes a Vibrant Village to Build a Collective in Downtown Hollywood

“Being part of a collective is being part of a community,” stated Veronica Coleman, partner in the newly-opened Vibrant Village Collective at 2028 Harrison Street, Bay #104.

Her partner Amanda Nieves agreed.

“Our goal,” she said, “is making this a community-style place for all types of artists, makers and curators, giving anyone the opportunity to open a shop without all the other responsibilities of doing so.”

The Vibrant Village’s mission is to provide a community space where people can gather, shop, and host or attend workshops or classes.  And The Vibrant Village does just that.

The intimate but uncluttered space contains the collections of 20 (and counting) local small businesses that include artists, jewelry makers, and vintage resellers, as well as a workshop area in the back that is available for anyone (not just collective members) to run art classes and workshops in any creative discipline.

The two young mothers, each doing independent online businesses selling vintage goods, met while part of another collective.  Coleman, a military wife who is thrilled to be finally putting down roots, knew from the start that Downtown Hollywood would be a great place for a co-operative, creative business.

“I always wanted to open a collective, and as soon as I saw Downtown Hollywood, I knew that I wanted to open it here,” she explained.   “I watched the small markets grow in Sacramento, where I’m from, and I could see that Hollywood, with its small, family-town feeling, had the potential to be what Sacramento has become.

“And Harrison Street is perfect because it’s a little quieter and away from the main track,” she added.  “Amanda had the experience from a collective she was a part of in Colorado, and when I told her about the spot, she agreed that we should do it together.”

“Here, in Hollywood, they get it,” agreed Nieves, who was born in New York and raised in Florida.  “The vibe, the style.”

The duo found the space, vendors who wanted to be a part of it, and set up shop in just a few weeks.

“I laugh because we had such a short amount of time to get this done,” said Coleman, “and it looks nothing like we thought it was going to be; it took on a life of its own!  But we love love love it!”

The line-up of vendors at The Vibrant Village includes Coleman’s collection, The Repeat Vintage, which features clothing, home decor, art and a variety of accessories, and Nieves’ line, The Thrift Witch, which is mostly clothes, but also features a selection of mid-century colored glass and “random things like Pyrex,” she said.  Other vendors offer a huge assortment of vintage goods and boutique, handmade items ranging from clothing to decor to pet accessories.

“We have big dreams for our village and are excited to be a part of this incredible community,” said Coleman.

Added Nieves, “It’s a great way to have ownership of a business that also opens an opportunity for other people to branch their own businesses and help everyone grow.”

The Vibrant Village Collective is open from 11 am to 8 pm Wednesday and Thursday, 10 am to 9 pm Friday and Saturday, and 10 am to 6 pm Sunday.  The shop is closed on Monday and Tuesday, and between 3 pm and 4 pm every day.

For more information, call 954-404-7731 or email thevibrantvillageco@gmail.com.  For a peek at some of the merchandise, visit them on Instagram at @TheVibrantVillageCo.  Their website, thevibrantvillageco.com, is under construction but will soon be live.


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