Say “Ole!” to Fine Mexican Dining on Hollywood Beach

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Neighbors say “Ole!” to Mermaid Queen Fine Mexican Dining on Hollywood Beach

Taco fans are rejoicing about the opening of The Mermaid Queen, a new Mexican Fusion Restaurant at 300 South Broadwalk. This newest entry into Hollywood’s beachfront eatery lineup is the latest from long-time Hollywood restaurateur and entrepreneur Jenny Bianca, founder of former Broadwalk favorite The Taco Spot.

But the new place is more than just tacos.

“The Mermaid Queen actually has three separate menus,” explained Bianca, who is partnering with her Argentinian-born husband, Diego Mendelson, on the new endeavor. “While the front terrace serves the same favorites that were available at the Taco Spot, there is also a full take-away section so people can bring their food down to the beach. And what is especially exciting is that we now also have a dining room for fine, upscale Mexican cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood.”

Bianca has been a mainstay of Hollywood Beach for over 20 years, since she first arrived in Florida from Mexico. She ran a small beachwear business, selling to all the Broadwalk boutiques, and counts most of the Broadwalk business and property owners among her customers. She loves working in Hollywood, because “It reminds me of my home in Cancun,” she said, and the Broadwalk was her first choice of location for The Mermaid Queen.

“I do know a lot of people here,” she affirmed. “This location is more residential, different than the other places, and gives us many opportunities that we didn’t have before. The time was right, with all the new investment and redevelopment in the area, and the increased foot traffic which continues to attract new businesses and more people to Hollywood.”

Since The Mermaid Queen opened, Bianca reports, some of the most popular dishes have featured seafood, including seafood tacos ($3.75 – $5.25), shrimp quesadillas ($16.00), ceviche ($14.25 – $18.50), and burritos ($14.00 – $17.00). In the inside dining room, popular dishes include the Come Back to Life Seafood Soup ($17.00), the Grilled Octopus ($25.00 – $32.00), and the Chipotle Sword Fish ($23.50).

“Everything is extremely fresh,” noted Mendelson, adding that they make everything from scratch.

The bar features beer, wine, and a range of cocktails made from wine-based liquors which taste (and work!) like the real thing.

“We have big dreams for the next few years,” said Bianca. “We see this area becoming more of a destination on Hollywood Beach; we want it to become known as The Mermaid Queen Beach!”

The Mermaid Queen is open seven days a week from 11 am to 10 pm. For more information, please call 305-733-6117 or visit them at, or on Instagram @TheMermaidQueenn.