Updated Hollywood Dining & Activity Guides for 2023

Updated Hollywood Dining & Activity Guides for 2023

By Steven Holland 

The guides recently canceled by the city are now available in an updated version.

Late last month, the city of Hollywood discontinued funding marketing activities by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) over concerns that might violate state laws.

As a result, the Dining Guide and Visitor Guide that the CRA once produced are no longer available in print form, only in digital format that right now can be accessed on our website in the Maps and Information section.

In response, Hollywood Trends And Places has created replacement guides, our own Dining Guide and a new Activities Guide, to replace the old Visitor Guide.

The guides contain vast amounts of information and are updated monthly.

The guides are a tri-fold, two-sided, 8.5” by 11” brochure. Of the 6 panels on the brochure, one panel is exclusive to the business sponsoring the guides. And on the Dining Guide, the main photo is also from the sponsoring business.

The guides are available in quantities of 500 or 1,000. We will give you however many you want and distribute the rest to hotels, motels, apartments and condos in downtown and on the beach.

Below are images of the old Guides and of the new Guides. The new guides can be downloaded here. One has been customized for Red Pelican Lounge and Hookah Bar and the other was customized for Beach Banya Russian Spa as examples.

If you need to grow your business from local residents and guests, let us “guide” you to them! 

For pricing, please call 954-371-8300 or email guides@hollywoodfltap.com.


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