Live 24-Hour Beach Cam on our site

Live 24-Hour Beach Cam on our site

By Steven Holland 

View the Hollywood beach Broadwalk live 24/7 with 4 different camera angles.

This streaming live webcam near the top of our website takes you directly to the live-cast of Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, known for its’ wonderful 2.5-mile and 30-foot-wide promenade or boardwalk along Hollywood beach, on the east coast of Florida, United States.

It’s a great way for guests, residents and business owners to engage with each other! A person can go to the Broadwalk, stand near one of the cameras and wave to anyone of their friends or family in the world! You just have your loved one go to the site and they will be able to see you.

So it’s something fun to offer to visitors on the beach and it’s also a great way for business owners to showcase the beach to their clients in a very easy way.