Is the Hollywood Beach Resort getting demolished?

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Is the Hollywood Beach Resort getting demolished?

Unconfirmed reports that the Hollywood Beach Resort is being demolished have had residents concerned about the future of the former hotel built by the city’s founder, Joseph Young.

But the fate of the nearly 100-year-old relic, which was evacuated last summer after the city deemed it unsafe to live in, remains uncertain. No formal plans have been submitted to the city to demolish the overall structure or to develop the existing beachfront property, which most recently was operated by a condo board.

What is confirmed: at least one small portion of the building will be coming down. Owners of the property filed for a permit in February 2023 to demolish the wood frame breezeway canopy in the back of the hotel and paid the $5,383 price tag to tear that portion down, according to online records. They received a demolition permit earlier this month.