Hollywood Police take kids on holiday shopping spree

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Hollywood police officers take dozens of children on holiday shopping spree

Hollywood police officers, with the help of a grant from Walmart, took over two dozen children holiday shopping on Tuesday.

Local 10 News tagged along with 8-year-old Cyrus Rodriguez, who had the help of a Hollywood police officer pushing his cart.

From aisle to aisle, the young boy checked out everything from cars to Ninja Turtles.

“I got Michelangelo, this is my favorite,” Cyrus said.

He and 24 other children each were given $200 to spend as part of Shop with a First Responder.

Cyrus didn’t just think of himself, also picking up a gift for his sister and his best friend — his dad.

“He’s never going to forget today,” said Jessica Diaz, the boy’s mother. “My husband had a major stroke last year in September and I think the person it hit the most, who was really tight, was Cyrus.”

Diaz says it has been a rough year for their family but Tuesday was a blessing.

Cyrus also said he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Later this week, with the help of Target, the Hollywood Police Department will be taking more children out for their holiday shopping.



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