Dolphins players take Boys and Girls Club on shopping spree

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Miami Dolphins players take Boys and Girls Club of Broward County on holiday shopping spree

The holidays came early for a group of kids in South Florida, not just because of the gifts, but because of who was present.

It is the best holiday kick-off that the kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Broward County could have asked for.

“I think it’s really fun,” said Hamzeh, one of the children part of the program.

“I’m excited because when I go home I get to tell my dad everything that I saw,” said 9-year-old Faith.

Faith gets to go home and tell her dad… She was one of the approximate 40 children who hopped off of a bus to Target and threw a hail Mary into the holiday spirit.

“We’re gonna see the players and then we’re going to have even more fun,” said Thesly.

A couple of the Miami Dolphins players went from filling up the locker room to filling up a room of children, to let these kids know they weren’t just there to enjoy chips and a sandwich.

“I hope y’all guys are ready to shop,” said one Dolphins player.

They were there to score a touchdown for holiday shopping.

“They’re going around and just getting kind of anything their heart desires. We’re trying to teach them a little lesson on budgeting too at the same time,” said Dolphins player Terron Armstead.

Armstead, an offensive tackle for the Dolphins, organized this Thanksgiving giveaway through his foundation.

Each of the kids received a $200 gift card to shop til they dropped, while the players guided them along the way and helped with all of those hard-to-reach spots.

Making this not only a treasure for the children but a treat for the teammates.

“I was once one of these kids and you know I wish I could have been this lucky,” said Robert Hunt, one of the Miami Dolphins players. “So just doing this means a lot to me.”

“I’m just happy to be here, happy to allow them to you know be able to come in here and pick whatever they want and just have fun with it,” said teammate Lester Cotton.

The game-ending field goal in this shopping spree is the memories to last these teams for a lifetime.

“I cherish that. I cherish that. It’s very important to me,” said Armstead.

This was the first year Armstead brought this giveaway to South Florida, but he knows one thing for sure: That his giveaway is going to become an annual tradition.