Klotzman Law backpack giveaway for Hollywood students

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Klotzman Law Firm Helps Hollywood Students in Back to School Giveaway

Scott Klotzman completed the Klotzman Law Firm’s 4th annual back to school giveaway in Hollywood, Florida by providing backpacks and other school supplies to local area students. The giveaway was on August 10th, 2023 from 5 PM to 8 PM and was highly successful, with over 100 families stopping by and enjoying the atmosphere.

“I always love doing these types of things for the community because I get to meet such a diverse group of locals that are just trying to make ends meet,” said Scott Klotzman at the giveaway event on Thursday. “It was really nice to relax and have fun with the kids and their parents.”

Like prior giveaways, the Klotzman Law Firm prefers to keep their events low key with only a few local signs and mentions on social media. Scott stated that he prefers these types of community events to spread by word of mouth because it brings a lot more excitement for parents and students alike.

“So many of the families we helped have probably never talked to a lawyer before or understand what we actually do,” added Klotzman at the event. “So we really enjoy the community outreach to educate others and just come together on the things we have in common. Plus, I really enjoy the kids and making them smile.”

The Klotzman Law Firm also hosts several other charity events throughout the year and takes pride in giving back to local community causes, especially those involving children. To learn more, contact Klotzman Law at 954-833-5839.