Downtown Hollywood Spa Puts the “Ahhhh” Back in Spa

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Michelle Lambert Spa in Downtown Hollywood Puts the “Ahhhh” Back in Spa

“I drive over 40 minutes to get here each week,” said the client in the waiting room at Michelle Lambert Spa at 1915 Hollywood Boulevard.  “She’s the first massage therapist I’ve had in years that really understands my body and where it aches; she senses everything and really works on you!”

What a positive testimonial for a former mortgage broker turned massage therapist, who moved to Hollywood specifically to open her spa.

“I’ve been coming to Hollywood for 20 years, and I always said that one day I will move here, l will live here, and I will open a spa in Downtown Hollywood,” said Lambert, a native of Trinidad, who grew up in Texas, and has lived most recently in Philadelphia.

Now, with its redevelopment, new investment, increased foot traffic, and streetscape improvements, which continue to attract new businesses and more people to Downtown Hollywood, the time was right.

Lambert saw a realtor’s sign at 1915 Hollywood Blvd, and, she said, “my energy was drawn to this building.  I saw a space upstairs but decided to think about it.”   Six months later, she received a call that a ground-level suite was available, and I took it — over the phone, without seeing it!  “I sent my son to sign the lease.”

The intimate Michelle Lambert Spa has space for Lambert and her staff to provide spa services including Lambert’s specialty – massage therapy.  All services include aromatherapy and a cup of herbal tea.

“It’s a place to come in and feel the peaceful energy,” she explained.  “It’s not all about the money — it’s a place to relax and de-stress, and I strive to keep it that way.  I like to say that all the angels in heaven visit this spa.”

Lambert began learning and practicing massage while working for Wells Fargo in a “very stressful” career as a mortgage broker.

“It was my hobby, I did it for free, and I loved it,” she recalled.  “I started working at a spa at night, and when I realized that I loved it more than I loved banking, I decided to do it full time.”

She studied both here and abroad, worked in spas, hotels, corporate massage chains, and for chiropractors.

“I worked everywhere to learn all different styles of massage, Asian and Western, medical and relaxation,” she continued.   “I learned to massage with my entire body — I even use my feet, if I get permission!  It always depends on how bad the pain is.  Massage is never one size fits all.”

Among the services offered at Michelle Lambert Spa are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport and Pre-Natal Massages and Spa Facials ($109.99) and Two-hour Spa Packages ($250), all with add-ons available.  More advantageous are monthly memberships ($79.99) which include services and discount pricing.

Michelle Lambert Spa is open seven days a week, 9 am to 9 pm, by appointment only.  To find out about Introductory Specials and membership perks, or for more information or appointments, please call 786-422-3625 or email