Soul and Things outdoor event venues in Hollywood!

"Party at "The Oasis" or "The Jungle" for a unique experience"


Two unique outdoor event venues for rent in Hollywood!

Host your holiday party at “The Oasis” or “The Jungle” for a unique and vibrant experience. Both venues offer a unique outdoorsy atmosphere, providing a perfect backdrop for festive celebrations; such as Birthday parties, End of the year Celebrations, Bachelorette parties, Kids parties, Intimate Diners, Wine tastings etc Secure your booking now to ensure a memorable holiday gathering for your guests.

Enhance your party with a range of services and entertainment! Enjoy wine and art sessions, soothing meditation with sound healing, creative body paint activities, a unique experience of cooking your own meal followed by a delightful feast, and rejuvenating sessions of yoga, mindfulness, and breathing exercises. 

Elevate your celebration with these engaging and diverse offerings at “The Oasis” or “The Jungle.” Book now for an unforgettable experience!