A bill, only in Florida, to make voting Democratic illegal. Really.

A bill, only in Florida, to make voting Democratic illegal. Really.

by Freddie G. Sanford

State Senator wants the Democratic Party in Florida, cancelled.

Freddie G. Sanford here, and the “G” stands for, “Got me some rest,” last week and let some new satirical fruit grow in the wonderful climate of the state of Florida. And we all know how fast fruits grow here. It’s the land of plenty.

So without delay, Florida state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill), introduced a bill that would cancel any political party that supported slavery during the Civil War, Fox News reports.

It’s so hard laughing and cutting and pasting at the same time!

And he’s right, the Democratic party, in the 1800’s, did in fact, advocate and support slavery.

And Freddie gets emails about being indoctrinated into the “Woke” culture.

So for Freddie G. Sanford, now the “G” stands for, “Gotta register as a Republican.”

Well, things could be worse.

Freddie could be a Venezuelan mother with child in the state of Texas looking for a ride to Martha’s Vineyard.

But wait, mother and child may be in luck. Gov. Desantis just got the legislature to give him more money for people like her in Texas to go to Martha’s Vineyard. And with $10 McDonald’s coupons! 

By the way, Freddie’s never been to Martha’s Vineyard. Are there McDonald’s there? Let Freddie know!

Yes, and the law is named the “Unauthorized Alien Transport Program.”

Look, Freddie’s new at this Republican stuff and Freddie is no English or Marketing professor. But that name can be read entirely in two different ways! Just saying, but Freddie’s new.

Freddie’s gonna like being a Republican!

NOTE: The links/receipts to Freddie’s sources are always provided to prove, once again, that he ain’t making this shit up.


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