Governor DeSantis’ 2024 Plan for Black History Month

Governor DeSantis’ 2024 Plan for Black History Month

by Freddie G. Sanford

Plan for 2024 is to update Black History Month into the first hour in February.

To help Black History reach a vastly wider audience, Gov. Desantis has a plan to condense the current Black History Month into Black History Hour.

“Since it’s only an hour and not a month, it will be more inviting to all people given the short attention span of the American public,” a staffer pointed out. 

The governor’s plan is to separate the hour into four 15-minute sections: 1. Blacks in Entertainment, 2. Blacks in Sports, and 3. Martin Luther King Jr.

And did you hear? Gov. Desantis recently said he never meant for the Roberto Clemente PICTURE book to be on his list of books under review. So now he’s cool with allowing a BLACK, PUERTO RICAN, MARINE VETERAN, BASEBALL HALL OF FAMER, AMERICAN HERO who basically did just two things in life; 1. charity work and 2. play baseball; and who died in a plane crash trying to deliver emergency relief aid to victims of an earthquake in Nicaragua, to be taught to all children!

Thank you Gov. Desantis!

Oh, and everyone knows Republicans love to show love for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., mainly; and for Blacks in Entertainment in 2024, Gov. Desantis is going with Eminem since he calculates that’s owning the libs!

So beginning on Thursday, February, 1st,  2024, Black History Hour is to be held starting at 12:01 am and ending at 12:45 am. The governor’s spokesperson noted that “Floridians need to get back to sleep and he’s got new culture wars to wage!”


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