Focus groups on Florida’s vision for America to be conducted at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort

Focus groups on Florida’s vision for America to be conducted at the Historic Hollywood Beach Resort

by Freddie G. Sanford

Participants are needed for focus groups on a prospective national political strategy

On the heels of Florida’s Gov. Ron Desantis historic election triumph, people across the country are beginning to consider his leadership as a potential candidate for president.

To seize on his ever growing popularity, his campaign strategists are looking for people to participate in some focus groups in the next couple of months to fine tune his vision for America should he decide to run for president in 2024.

The working title for the focus groups is “Desantis Deep Sleep Agenda.” It’s a straightforward approach to leading the country and is based on 8 fundamental principles:

  1. No “Gay” talk period – It’s confusing and offensive to “straight” men, making them unsure about their own masculinity.
  2. No CRT (Critical Race Theory) talk or teaching period.  No one alive today can say they personally know slavery existed since they weren’t there, so why should CRT be taught in Pre-K?
  3. No COVID Vaccinations period. Too many young people who have gotten the jab are starting to die suddenly. Young people NEVER died suddenly before COVID.
  4. No Gas Stove Bans period. No one can clearly explain why this is even a thing, so Gov. Santis’ advisors want to get more grassroots and gaslighting input on this issue.
  5. No Unpaid Immigration period. Unless a person is bringing cash into the U.S., then they are not welcome. Yes, immigrants were once needed by the U.S., particularly in the Agricultural sector, but now America has developed a new source of Agricultural workers.
  6. No Abortions period. Remember the U.S. needing Agricultural workers? Well, forcing women into unwanted or life-threatening pregnancies will now create an indigenous and much needed new workforce to solve any labor concerns regarding the U.S. Agricultural economy.
  7. No Affordable Housing period (or even affordable homeowners insurance for that matter). Florida leads the nation in the top locations of least affordable housing (RealtyHop Housing Affordability Index: December 2022). In fact, Florida has five cities, yes five, of the top 35 cities where housing is the most expensive (Miami is #1!!, followed by Hialeah #5, Tampa #18, St. Petersburg #29 and Orlando #34). It’s something Florida is really good at not providing.
  8. No Income Equality period. Our Floridian snowbirds worked hard to keep income unequal and have succeeded by having five cities, yes five cities again, this time in the top 20 cities with the worst income inequality (Forbes 20 Cities With The Worst Income Inequality In America In 2022). Our winners are: Miami Beach is #1!!, followed by Miami #8, Sarasota #11, Tampa #18 and Palm Beach Gardens #19. Another demonstration of Florida’s leadership.

These concepts will be tested in the focus groups first in Florida before rolling out a comprehensive strategy for a Desantis campaign for President. Its elegance is its simplicity.

One of his strategists who agreed to talk off the record stated “The Desantis ‘Deep Sleep’ Agenda ensures America never has to succumb to ‘Wokeness’ in America. Any physician can tell you one of the best remedies for any healing is sleep or rest. A President Desantis would vow to keep America in a ‘deep sleep’ for his entire term!”

If you would like to participate in the Hollywood focus group at the Historic Hollywood Beach Hotel, the governor’s team will post the application form on its Truth Social page.


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