FL governor sanctions local exterminator for “Gay Tents”

FL governor sanctions local exterminator for “Gay Tents”

by Freddie G. Sanford

Gov. Desantis claims LGBTQ+ colored fumigation tents are illegal.

Governor Ron Desantis of Florida recently sanctioned a local exterminator $1,000 for ordering fumigation tents whose colors resemble gay pride flags too much. The company asked for anonymity for fear of more reprisals by the state.

It really bugged the governor the message these tents could potentially send to our local children.

A spokesperson for the governor’s office released a statement that in part read “Pest exterminators are  trying to bait and groom the children of Florida into their lifestyle since kids find the multi-color tents seductive and alluring.  Why do exterminators need or even want to use lgbtq colored tents for pests? What’s wrong with the traditional red, white and blue colors we normally use?”

Even though the local exterminator has yet to use their new multi-colored tents, the governor still fined the company, alleging that the mere act of ordering the tents violated his “Don’t say Gay” law by basically screaming “Gay” through their loud ass colored tents.

Violations can be made to the governor’s personal email at GovSmallDEnergy@getalife.com.


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