#IguanasClub “Blankets & Caps” Tik Tok Challenge

#IguanasClub “Blankets & Caps” Tik Tok Challenge

by Freddie G. Sanford

Local children use Tik Tok to frustrate homeowners

Whenever the temperature in south Florida drops to the below 50 degree range, our non-resident Iguanas start to freeze in place, be it in trees or on the ground.

Some local kids felt bad walking outside and watching homeowners gleefully retaliating on the critters in their vulnerable state, feeling that’s not right just because nature requires Iguanas to crap in pools, patios, on cars, on lawns, dig under sidewalks, driveways and patios, and walk on roofs like they own the damn place!

So these juveniles quickly created the “#IguanasClub” group on TikTok and set up a challenge on how many Iguanas each chump or child could go out in their neighborhood and protect the invaders by rounding up some blankets and doll caps, cutting the blankets to Iguana size, and then quickly put blankets and caps on hundreds of local Iguanas and post the videos on Tik Tok and videos of any homeowners disturbing the Iguana’s semi-hibernation. 

It happened to be Christmas Eve, and most of the homeowners at least didn’t want to appear cruel, especially on such an occasion, so they at least left the blanket-covered and capped Iguanas alone.

One very irate and frustrated homeowner stated “Why is it so wrong for us to want a little revenge for all the bad things the Iguanas have done to us and our environment? I mean, If we really wanted to be devious and hurt them bad, we could have rounded them all up, discarded their blankets and caps, and shipped them to DC on Christmas Eve with no return address, to a much colder environment, with no food or water, and nothing but the scales on their backs! But we’re kind!!”


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