Discount Vacation Rentals Over the Beach!


Discount Vacation Rentals Over the Beach!

by Freddie G. Sanford

Hammock vacation rental packages now available for value-minded tourists

The recently launched AirVRBOBnb decided to make a big splash on Hollywood beach by introducing Hammock rental specials!

The hammocks are available in both children and adult sizes and strategically located for guests to view the best sunrises off the Atlantic ocean. In case of rain, 2-ply garbage bags are available for an additional cost.

Please be aware that the city of Hollywood ordinances prevent sleeping on the beach. But as long as the hammock is elevated, and you remain inside the hammock overnight, you won’t get arrested.

If mother nature calls during the night, we also offer Depend Adult diapers as an upgrade, since the moment a person steps out of the hammock and onto the sand, they have just violated the law.

Hammock Vacation Rentals are available beginning at $79 a day during the high season. Book your reservation now at

Note: There is a $250 replacement fee for all peed in and soiled hammocks.



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